If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact PAPERWORK REDUCTION ACT NOTICE AND PUBLIC BURDEN STATEMENT It is mandatory for employers to provide employees with notice of their eligibility for FMLA protection and their rights and responsibilities. Serious injury or illness. This Notice is to inform you that you Are eligible for FMLA leave See Part B below for Rights and Responsibilities Are not eligible for FMLA leave because only one reason need be checked although you may not...
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If folks again my guest today is Travis hollifield he's an attorney right in winter park and he focuses on women's workplace issues and he knows what women want in the workplace and he's here to lend us his expertise today let's go to nathan nathan has another workplace issue Nathan you're on Newstalk w dbl go ahead yeah I had a question for Travis regards to FMLA my wife is she's actually in a residential treatment facility right I shouldn't bitter for two months I read dead after melody entitled you up to 12 we of basically guaranteed employment that your current wage our employer is only offering her eight weeks before she basically has to be rehired and she loses all her raises and everything that she's racked up over the course that past five years and is basically like I said rehired I was wondering if there's anything if it does anything legally wrong with that well the the the the answer is kind of complicated as these cases typically are the question would first of all be if your wife is an eligible employee under the Family and Medical Leave Act and if her employer is an eligible employer and the first question I would ask anybody is how many employees are employed by your wife's employer if there is 50 or more and there were 50 or more within 75 miles of your wife's primary workstation and if your wife worked for the company for a year at least and if your wife worked at least twelve hundred and fifty hours in the 12 months immediately preceding the need for leave then at least there's a potential of eligibility there and if your wife and the employer or both FMLA eligible then yes she would be entitled to 12 weeks off to care for her own serious health condition or that of a close family member it's unpaid leave not paid leave but the hallmark of an FMLA claim is job reinstatement rights at the conclusion of that leave alright great question we appreciate that Nate